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Sakgoten specializes in submerged cultivation and recovery of mycelia biomass for use in biochemical research and development. Sakgoten also develops unique liquid and solid media for specialized fungal cultivation applications.

Exsample of Fungi Growing in Mycelia Fuel

Mycelia Fuel

A proprietary clear synthetic liquid nutrient medium designed for submerged cultivation and harvesting of various types of fungal mycelium. Mycelia Fuel promotes the growth of mycelium by providing a complete range of nutrients required for development. Mycelia Fuel is low in viscosity and water soluble which allows for easier extraction of mycelia biomass.

Mycelia Biomass Recovery

Mycelia Fuel is used to create a liquid seed culture from fungal spores or mycelia tissue. The liquid seed culture is then used to seed a bioreactor containing Mycelia Fuel. Once the mycelia in the bioreactor have reached maximum growth the biomass is extracted and processed. Using this method Sakgoten is able to produce large volumes of mycelium biomass.

Exsample of Recovered Mycelia Biomass
Kuro Agar Exsample

Kuro Agar

A dark medium suited for applications where high visibility of mycelium is required. The medium contains 13 ingredients that provide sources for carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nitrogen and minerals. The complex of nutrients allows the medium to be compatible with various fungi.

Cultivated Biomass Products
Image of Cordyceps Militaris Biomass

Cordyceps Militaris

Physical Form: Dehydrated Solid
Package: Vacuum Sealed Bag
Cultivation Method: Submerged
Storage: Store dry at -25° C
Shipping: Included (Ships to U.S.A. only)
Availability: In Stock

Unit Size
Culture Medium Products
Image of Kuro Agar Vial and Powder

Kuro Agar

Physical Form: Dry Powder
Antibiotic: Included
Package: Amber Glass Vial
Shipping: Included (Ships to U.S.A. only)
Availability: In Stock

One vial contains 18g of sterilized and vacuum sealed medium. One vial can make thirty 60mm petri plates or eighteen 100mm petri plates.

Instructions: Use 4 grams per 100ml of water.
Step 1. Add the dry powder to the water.
Step 2. While stirring heat the solution to 100°C.
Step 3. Stir at 100°C until the agar begins to thicken.
Step 4. Autoclave at 121°C 15psi for 15 minutes to sterilize.

Number of Vials

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