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Sakgoten specializes in submerged cultivation and harvesting of mycelia biomass for use in biochemical research and development. Sakgoten developed Mycelia Fuel a liquid medium specifically designed for easier cultivation of fungal mycelia biomass in bioreactor applications.


Mycelia Fuel

A proprietary clear synthetic liquid nutrient medium designed for submerged cultivation and harvesting of various types of fungal mycelium. Mycelia Fuel promotes the growth of mycelium by providing a complete range of nutrients required for development. Mycelia Fuel is low in viscosity and water soluble which allows for easier extraction of mycelia biomass.

Mycelia Biomass Harvesting

Mycelia Fuel is used to create a liquid seed culture from fungal spores or mycelia tissue. The liquid seed culture is then used to seed a bioreactor containing Mycelia Fuel. Once the mycelia in the bioreactor have reached maximum growth the biomass is extracted and processed. Using this method Sakgoten is able to produce large volumes of mycelium biomass.

Examples Of Fungi Cultivated In Mycelia Fuel

Cordyceps Militaris

Genus/Species Known to contain:
• Cordycepin

Cyathus Stercoreus

Genus/Species Known to contain:
• Cyathusals
• Cyathuscavin
• Pulvinatal

Inonotus Obliquus

Genus/Species Known to contain:
• 3β-Hydroxylanosta-8,24-dien-21-al
• Inotodiol
• Lanosterol 

Lentinula Edodes

Genus/Species Known to contain:
• Lentinan 

Panellus Stipticus

Genus/Species Known to contain:
• Hispidin
• Luciferin
• Panal 

Schizophyllum Commune

Genus/Species Known to contain:
• Hydrophobin 


Cordyceps Militaris

Physical Form: Dehydrated Solid
Package: Vacuum Sealed Bag
Cultivation Method: Submerged
Storage: Store dry at -25° C
Shipping: Included
(Ships to U.S.A. only)
Availability: In Stock

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